Portugal, the beauty and tranquillity of a smile

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Located in the Southwest corner of Europe, with just over 92.000 square kilometers, Portugal is a peaceful country of great natural beauty, offering visitors an unexpected quality and diversity of experiences.

From the beaches of the Algarve to the breath-taking mountains of the north, Portugal is a land of contrasts. In between lie verdant floodplains, rolling plains and cork forests. The east is dry with a continental climate, the west is milder with an ocean-influence and is greener, especially the lush northwest. Today, the country is linked and united as never before by a network of new roads – just one sign of the prosperity that has spread across Portugal since the late 1980’s.

Here, the most beautiful and ancient historical monuments live in harmony with major contemporary architectural projects. Secular traditions go hand in hand with the latest technological innovations and the enthusiastic use of all that is new and original. The beauty and tranquillity of nature in its pure state do not silence the city bustle or the more contagious and cosmopolitan nightlife.

Though tradition still lies at Portugal’s heart. Families spend time together, particularly during meal times. Friends enjoy festivals, dancing, fado music, cafè culture and eating out.

With family, friend, or simply alone, there is a simle awaiting us in every corner of Portugal as well as the certainly of finding a plentiful table dominated by a varied and creative cuisine. The richness and fundamental. The occasional modern restaurant apart, tradition rules: hearty portions of local dishes, meat, hams and sausages, seasonal game, an abundance of fish and seafood, the beloved salt cod (bacalhau), copious bread, rice and potatoes. Dessert is obligatory -1001 delightful combinations og egg yolks with sugar: a lot of sugar.

Always present, and always different, depending on the dish or occasion, ine intensifies and helps discovering new flavours, making every meal a truly unforgettable moment. Portugal’s winemakers have been conservative in one respect – keeping faith with their grapes. And no wonder! Portgual’s varuetues are unique, with thrillingly different flavours. Yet quality-wise there has been no resting on traditional laurels. A quarter-century of investment, education, open-mindedness and flair has meant explosive change. Choice has multiplied too. Alongside the co-ops and large companies, a myriad of estates now make their own distinctive wines. Portugal truly offers a new dimension to the senses. We invite you to share unique moments and to take pleasure in your discovery.



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